Why the “us and them” mentality evolved

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This is a great read for anyone interested in evolution and/or psychology. Go check this guy out.


Humans have been living in large complex groups for millions of years, and flourishing as a result. This social environment has shaped the course of our evolution as much as any natural one, in particular how our psychology has evolved. For example, humans are highly susceptible to peer pressure, likely to ensure we do what the group wants and so don’t risk being thrown out of it. A human going solo would not survive for long (Hawkes et al., 1991).

Now new research has identified yet another aspect of human psychology that seems to have evolved to help us deal with living in social groups: dividing the world into an in-group and an out-group, and working extra hard to curry favour with the former. Although the habit of humans to break the world down into “us” and “them” has been known about for years (and often blamed for many sources…

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The 10 best ever anxiety management techniques

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If you ever suffer from extreme anxiety, you should check out this post. Tell him Great Ape sent you. 🙂

Well, This Is What I Think

At various stages in the last 56 years, I, like most people, have been prone to anxiety.

In my case, facing a dreadful crisis at one point in my life, it tipped over into full-blown Obsessional Compulsive Disorder and Depression. (Search for either of those terms on this blog for more information.)

Nowadays, perhaps with the benefit of middle aged perspective, (the clear realisation that one will survive most things and come out stronger, given time, and therefore it can be excellent practice to just to try and “roll with the punches” – indeed, the greatest gift of middle age is patience) I am less likely to fall prone to the misery of anxiety.

Perhaps, also, my brain chemistry is more stable, (it is notoriously less so for teenagers and young adults), or I have just learned to recognise anxiety faster, and deal with it more effectively.

In any event…

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Another Serious Post About Sex. This is no Laughing Matter.

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This story disturbed me to my core. I don’t have anything to say about this. I just can’t believe that attitudes like these still exist in the modern world. I don’t really have it in me right now to go in depth about the issues of rape and the law.  Below is a video that I saw.  Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think about this particular issue.  Maybe with enough discussion I can find the energy to really write about it.



An Introduction

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Hello everyone. If you’re reading this then you either know me personally or I’ve commented on your blog and you wanted to know who I am. This blog is mostly a way for me to get all my thoughts out without annoying my friends and loved ones. 🙂
The basic themes that I plan to cover involve sociology, technology, psychology, and some random philosophy that may cross my mind. Hopefully people will enjoy my musings and will chime in with their own thoughts and ideas.
I would love to get to know any followers I may get and will try to respond to as many comments as I can. So feel free to discuss, agree, disagree, or just say hi.

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