The next fetish that I am going to cover is the sexual attraction to inanimate, human shaped objects.  This includes dolls, mannequins, and statues.  The fetish extends to not only physical intimacy with said objects, but can also express itself as romantic attachment.

One of the earliest examples of this fetish is in the myth of Pygmalion.  In the myth, Pygmalion carved a statue of a woman out of ivory.  After becoming disinterested in women, he began to fall in love with his statue.  After making an offering to Venus, he wished for a bride as lovely as his statue.  Venus knew what he really wanted though and gave life to the statue that Pygmalion had fallen in love with.

Pygmalion in love with his statue

In the modern day, this fetish has many new outlets.  The most common is the Real Doll.  Real Dolls are sex dolls designed to be as close to a real human as possible   They have fully articulated “skeletons” with silicon muscle and skin, as well as anatomically correct genitalia.  Many doll fetishists have taken to the Real Doll as a way of living out their fantasy.

One famous example of a doll fetishists who has formed a relationship with a Real Doll is a man who goes by the name Davecat.

I was able to contact Davecat and he was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the attraction to dolls.

One of the more fasinating things that he told me was in relation to when he noticed his attraction to synthetic humans.  As he puts it, “I’d first noticed my attraction to Synthetik women ages ago… Back during the Seventies, mum and I used to board the bus to downtown Detroit, so she could bring me with her when she was visiting the shops. We went to Winkelman’s or some clothing store one day, and while she was trying on clothes, I saw a cute blonde mannequin lass in a tennis skirt, and as I was bored, I went over to talk to her. I knew she was a mannequin, but I didn’t care. Several minutes later, mum came to claim me, as the security guard was wondering what I was up to.

I would like to point this out now, since Davecat mentioned it himself.  He recognizes that the synthetic women in his life are just that, synthetic.  He does not suffer from any form of delusion, or psychosis.  He is a mentally stable person who simply chooses to extend his attractions and sexuality into other aspects of his life.

The reason I find this so intriguing about Davecat’s early experiences with his attraction is that it points to this particular sexual orientation forming very early in a person’s development; such as pre-puberty like it happened for Davecat, “My fascination with/slavering lust for artificial women started pre-puberty, but really accelerated post-puberty, as it would.

This points to the possibility that this attraction has some basis in the hard-wiring of the brain.  Not to say that people are born attracted to dolls and statues, but that the basis for this attraction appears to express itself before sexual development.  Possibly that individuals who are a part of the “iDollator” community are predisposed to this particular attraction in much the same way that people are predisposed to dominate or submissive sexual behavior and develop their particular expressions of these traits.

Another point of interest with this fetish is that it expresses itself in many different ways.  Some individuals will simply have real-dolls as a sex toy, while others treat their dolls as partners.  Many critics will point out that people need human contact.  This however is only true if the individual in question uses their sexual attraction as a means of isolating themselves from all human contact.  Davecat for example has a great social life that fits him as a person.  As he puts it, “the friends I do have are wonderful, fantastic individuals. By today’s standards, I might be seen as not having a lot of friends, but personally speaking, I’d say I have just enough. There’s my iDollator colleagues online, who span various states, countries, and time zones; there are my iDollator friends who live within driving distance, and we try to get together to discuss our community and other bits and bobs over dinner every couple of months; and there are the (non-iDollator) friends I’ve known for ten years or more, and we’ve literally hung out together practically every Saturday evening since the late Nineties. We play videogames, watch DVDs… that’s really about all we do, but it’s cheap entertainment amongst a circle of awesome people. At one point years ago, there were nine of us crammed into Mike’s tiny bedroom, watching MST3K on his oversized telly. Good times!” 

So as we can see, individuals who are attracted to synthetic people are just like anyone else.  In fact, while reading through his blog and talking to him though email, his relationship with his synthetic wife, Sidore, is rather touching.  I’ve personally seen relationships between people that wouldn’t hold a flame to the love that Davecat has for Sidore.  I’m going to end this article with a quote from Davecat about one of his favorite memories of being with his synthetic wife, “It was a rainy evening sometime in Spring, and Shi-chan had suggested that we watch a film together. I’d put Jacques Tati’s ‘Playtime’ into the DVD player, turned out the lights, and joined the Missus on our loveseat. The entire experience of watching a great film in peaceful surroundings, snuggling with each other as the rain pattered outside, was one that will remain with both of us forever.

As I said, I've seen relationships between two people that didn't have half of the love that this one does.

As I said, I’ve seen relationships between two people that didn’t have half of the love that this one does.