Fetish Study: Giant Women


The giant women fetish, or giantess fetish, is a sexual attraction to the fantasy of giants who are women.  This is not a fetish for realistically large women, but rather a fetish for women who are as tall as skyscrapers.

This cult classic is considered by many to be the first example of mainstreaming of the giantess fetish.

The fantasy often involves women who are the size of the giant monsters often seen in Japanese monster movies such as Godzilla.  Often times the erotica involves these women destroying buildings, stomping on cars, and in many cases, killing or abusing a normal sized man.

There are many differing theories about this fetish.  The most common theories state that individuals who enjoy this fantasy are drawn to it due to the power that such a large women would inherently possess.  The men who enjoy this form of erotica are theorized to enjoy being submissive to women.  As a result, they get a sexual thrill out of having no control over the sexual encounter due to the woman’s physical dominance.

The women who star in this erotica have said that they enjoy the feeling of complete power that they feel when acting out the giant fantasy.  They are in control of everything since no one can stop them from doing whatever they want to a chosen target.

Much of the erotica involves women destroying buildings, cars, and eventually people with the erogenous zones of the human body.  This translates to women sitting on cars, buildings, or people; crushing said objects with their breasts; or, putting normal sized men in their underwear.

To many giantess fetishists, this scene of a woman’s foot crushing cars is an erotic sight.

But what do you think?  If you are a giantess fetishists, what do you get out of the fantasy?  If you are not, then what do you think of individuals who engage in the fantasy?  Let me know with a comment.

Fetish Study: Balloons


To begin, I would like to apologize to the people who are following me for taking so much time to write my next post.  I have been fighting an upper-respiratory infection and I just began volunteer work.  But now that I’m healthy, let’s continue the fetish study.

People who describe themselves as having a balloon fetish say that they gain sexual arousal from sexual interaction with balloons, being around balloons, or use balloons in their sexual encounters.

A woman blowing up a balloon at a convention for balloon fetishists.

There are many different aspects of balloons that people describe as erotic.  The two most common that I have been able to find are an excitement from the buildup to the balloon popping, and the general erotic shape that balloons can have when inflated.  This combination of erotic shapes and extreme endorphin rushes creates a connection with balloons and the sex drive.

The uses of balloons in the sexuality of balloon fetishists is wide and varied throughout the community.  The majority of balloon fetishists appear to enjoy the act of inflating balloons until they burst, getting a sexual “high” off of the rush of endorphins.  Others enjoy physical sexual contact with inflated balloons themselves.  And in a few cases, individuals derive a sexual thrill from being able to climb into inflated weather balloons.

The very act of being inside of a balloon can be arousing to a balloon fetishists.

But what about you?  Are you a balloon fetishists, or know someone who is?  What do you get out of your fetish?  And if you are not a balloon fetishists; then what do you think of the fetish?

Fetish Study: Sado Masochism


Hello everyone and welcome to The Fetish Study.  In the next several posts, I will be examining different sexual fetishes that are considered “strange” or “non-normative.”  These posts will not contain pornography or nudity, not out of any dislike for nudity but to keep the posts in a scientific frame.  So let’s start with the fetish of Sado Masochism.

Sado Masochism, or S&M for short, is the act of deriving sexual pleasure from inflicting (Sadism) or receiving (masochism) pain, discomfort, or humiliation.  The giving and receiving of pain, discomfort, or humiliation varies from person to person.  Some of the examples that I have heard of are as simple as engaging in forceful sexual actions. Some individuals enjoy tying up, or being tied up so that the masochist is unable to move.  The most extreme examples include being tied up nude in public or the use of needles and knives.

The fetish is found in all sexual orientations

Individuals who engage in S&M say that they are aroused by the idea of having or not having control over the sexual encounter.  The members of the community enjoy the power play, which they say enhances the experience.

To the outsider of this community, these actions appear abusive and hurtful to the masochist.  However, many masochists have said that the abusive nature of the sex acts they engage in are what they want to happen.  It should also be noted that the people who engage in these acts often have fail-safes in place to end the encounter should either participant have reservations about what is happening.  These include “safe words,” which when uttered, will signal the sadist to stop whatever they were doing and tend to the health and safety of the other person(s).

This particular fetish is one of the most common.  This can be seen in the pop-culture acceptance of S&M themed media.  The novel 50 Shades of Grey, the first of a trilogy of S&M themed romance novels, has had over 40 million copies sold.  Also, the hit single, S&M, by Rihanna has sold roughly 15,000 copies.  This would indicate that a large portion of the public is at least curious about the S&M fetish.

Don’t be nervous about bringing this to the counter. The clerk has probably sold a few hundred copies before you even walked in the door.

But what about you?  How do you feel about this fetish?  Do you enjoy these activities or not?  Let me know by leaving a comment.

P.S. You do not need to leave an email to comment on this blog.  So if you want to say something but don’t want to give any info, than just leave the email blank when you comment.

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