So I was watching some tv a few nights ago and the channel I was watching switched over to infomercials. Now I normally switch to something else when that happens, but this particular infomercial was interesting to me. It wasn’t a knife that can cut tomatoes or an oven that I can set and forget, it was a miracle substance that could improve my quality of life. Peter Popoff’s miracle spring water.

Now for those who don’t know who Peter Popoff is, he’s a televangelist preacher and a horrible con artist. James Randi was able to figure out that he uses an earpiece to get information from his wife and plants in the audience so that he could “get information from God” about audience members. This alone is a hell of a con, but it gets better. His more famous scheme was the miracle manna loaf. This was supposedly a recipe for bread taken from Ezekiel 4:9. Now excluding the fact that the bread mentioned in this passage is supposed to be cooked in public over a fire made from human waste, this manna loaf was supposed to give you money when you ate it. Now all of his past schemes have run their course, and Popoff is generally seen as the slimy con artist that he is. At least that’s what I though.

It seems that old Popoff can’t leave well enough alone, or get legitimate work for that matter. His latest scheme is miracle water that will, surprise surprise, bring money into your life. Now I will give old Popoff one point. At least he isn’t linking this water to a passage in the bible that he clearly didn’t read. So people can’t use the bible to discredit this one, it’s entirely based on faith and testimonials. That being said, he’s still a terrible person and I’m a little surprised that he’s still doing this crap to people even after so many public thrashings when he comes up with a new scam. Well I’m doing my part to expose this one, if anyone is reading this please spread the word about this scam. And if you know anyone who is thinking of using this, then let them know about Peter Popoff and that he is nothing more than a con man.  It sickens me that the people who testify to this have been taken off of medications and become reliant on luck when they could be getting real help for their problems.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, here’s what I saw:

I love how it’s now in a larger size.  It sounds like a those Burger King commercials about their new thicker fries.