I was recently made aware of a little “science project” called The Global Consciousnesses Project. The basic idea is to see if humanity has a paranormal connection of some kind. This is done by collecting the data from several random number generators and seeing if the data points line up or form patterns that correlate with major world events.

Now the idea of testing for the paranormal isn’t so bad. No idea should be dismissed for testing as long as the theory is solid. This project however doesn’t sit well with me.

One of the biggest flaws I have with it is the lack of connection in the testing method. How does a random number generator get effected by some global psychic energy? So right off the bat this project is too far removed from any real science for me to take it seriously. The other problem, and the big problem with the real scientists I’ve heard from, is what this project does with the data collected.

The way this project connects the data collected to the idea of a global consciousnesses is by trying to find the events that led to any patterns found in the data collected. Now anyone who even took basic science in school should be cringing at this method. Proper science should never take data and then try to make it fit into a theory. It also doesn’t help that they can’t even pidgin-hole their data properly. The big find that the project uses as evidence is a pattern found around September 11 2001. They claim that this pattern shows a collective moment of grieving that was able to effect the random number generators. The big problem with this is that the numbers show little to no pattern until about 12 hours after the event.

I hate it when this pseudo science gets big enough to begin influencing people, don’t even get me started on homeopathy. Hopefully the fact that these people can’t even fake their results that well will discredit them enough that they won’t be able to do too much damage. If you want to know more, here is a link to an analysis of the project and the 9/11 data that I found really well done.